Milam & Company means: Production Milam & Company has been a leading provider of painting services and solutions for over 35 years. We understand better than most that downtime is bad for any business.

When we take on your project, we understand that we need to have as little negative impact on your business as possible. Our team becomes a vital part of your team and we work with you to keep productivity high.

We start by working with your general manager to schedule work at times that are convenient for you. When necessary, we work around-the-clock so that our work doesn’t interfere with your hours of operation. Not only do we work quickly and efficiently, we have established state-of-the-art processes designed to minimize our time on-site. We keep our work materials orderly and make our construction areas inconspicuous, as if we were never there. Many of our clients are retail businesses and restaurants that rely on an aesthetically pleasing environment in order to provide a positive customer experience. We make every effort to ensure that our presence helps you, our valued customer, maintain business as usual.

Further, we are committed to completing our projects on time. From our initial estimate to our efficient planning to our prompt execution, Milam & Company delivers on time and on budget… Every time.